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The Imagination Creativity Challenge™ is a fast-paced, interactive exercise that challenges learning teams to solve a challenge in just a few days to create as much value as possible from a ubiquitous object. Learning teams are asked to present their results through presentations or short videos that describes their innovative concept and how it creates added value.



21st Century Skills


Students learn valuable lessons in creative thinking, collaboration, economic literacy, communications skills and leadership. This creative exercise can change learners' perspectives about their own creative potential. Many learners come to appreciate the power of working with a team, tackling a seemingly impossible task and tapping into their individual creativity. Most of all, they learn if they can create value from a common object in just a few days, there is no limit to what they can do to solve the real challenges of our time.


In 2009, the ImagineIt Project™ partnered with Stanford University to conduct and document a creativity challenge in which students were asked to add value to PostIt Notes.  The following clip gives you a taste of the energy and excitement which surround this kind of hands-on learning.












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How Does It Work?


The ImagineIt Creative Challenge consists of two elements:  creativity training based on our tested content and methodology through a one or two-day student boot-camp followed by the challenge. Students are given six days to come up with their concept and presentation.  ImagineIt Project™ staff works with the host organization to schedule and conduct the boot-camp and challenge.  In many cases, our team has also served as judges for the student presentations at the end of the challenge.


A second option is for the ImagineIt Project™ staff to build internal capacity within the host organization through the training of teachers or student mentors.  Under this option, the organization conducts the student boot-camp with ImagineIt Project™ coaching and support (i.e. boot-camp and challenge materials).


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The cost of either option includes ImagineIt Project™ trainer fees, travel and materials.  Upon request, we will provide a detailed cost proposal.  In many instances, host organizations have been able to recruit corporate or foundation sponsors to cover the costs of the the training and provide cash prizes to the challenge winners.


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To Learn More


If you have questions or would like more information about the Imagination Creativity Challenge™, please contact us at


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