ImagineIt in the Classroom

License Agreement



The following is a License Agreement of intellectual property between:


The ImagineIt Project, a USA company doing business as The ImagineIt Project, 2108 Natures Lane East, Fernandina Beach, Florida, hereafter referred to as (the COMPANY):


And the Licensed User, hereafter referred to as (the LICENSEE)


Section 1: Effective Date


Upon receipt of payment of the established license fee, COMPANY will provide LICENSEE with the following materials:


CD-ROM containing a complete set of the “ImagineIt in the Classroom” PowerPoint decks, a digital copy of the “ImagineIt in the Classroom” Student Workbook and digital copies of templates associated with exercises in the Student Workbook


A hard copy of the “ImagineIt in the Classroom” Teacher’s Guide


Section 2: Extent of License


Upon receipt of the materials listed above, the LICENSEE, as described below, is authorized to use the materials for an unlimited period of time, unless there is a change in status.  In the case of a change of status (e.g. teacher relocates to another campus or school district), LICENSEE shall immediately notify COMPANY to determine if the license shall remain in effect.


For an individual teacher license, the license is restricted to classes taught by the LICENSEE.


For a school campus, the license covers all classes on the LICENSEE’s campus.


For a school district, the license covers all teachers and classes under the authority of the school district.


Materials provided may be posted only to websites (e.g. Blackboard) for which access is limited to students and/or teachers covered under the license agreement.  Posting “ImagineIt in the Classroom” materials, in whole or in part, to a website with public access is a violation of the license agreement.  The LICENSEE is responsible for assuring compliance with this provision by all students and/or teachers with legitimate access to the materials under this agreement.


Section 3: Alteration of Materials


LICENSEE is authorized to make alterations to the PowerPoint decks for purposes of customizing the content (e.g. substituting examples) to make the content more relevant for specific course content/teaching standards or for age appropriateness.


LICENSEE may also create additional exercises to be used in conjunction with the “ImagineIt in the Classroom” course content.  Such additional materials shall not be identified as having been created or sanctioned by the COMPANY, and the COMPANY acknowledges it has no intellectual property rights to the additional exercises unless covered under a separate license agreement.


Section 4: Violation of License


All materials provided as part of “ImagineIt in the Classroom” are protected under the copyright laws of the United States.  Violations of the license, as outlined in Section 3 of this agreement, will be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of relevant federal statutes and regulations.  Upon identification of a potential violation of the license, COMPANY shall send a cease and desist letter to the LICENSEE restricting use of the materials until the matter is resolved.


Section 5: Jurisdiction


This Agreement shall be construed and interpreted according to the laws of the State of Florida.  Any legal action, suit or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement or breach thereof shall be instituted in a court of competent jurisdiction in Nassau County in the State of Florida and each party hereby consents and submits to the personal jurisdiction of such court, waives any objection to venue in such court and consents to service of process by first class mail at the last known address of the Party.



The ImagineIt Project

February 1, 2013


2015 (c) The ImagineIt Project