Self-Directed Version of "In the Classroom" Now Available for Teachers







ImagineIt now offers a self-directed, licensed version of  "ImagineIt in the Classroom."  This version contains everything you need to help your students achieve their full creative potential.  The course materials may be used in whole as a stand-alone course in creativity or in part, as tools to promote creative thinking as part of a subject or grade curriculum.


"In the Classroom" consists of the following ten modules which explore every aspect of the creative process.  Each session includes exercises through which students have an opportunity to apply the content.


  • Rediscovering Your Inner Child.  The importance of recapturing one's youthful sense of curiosity and adventure.


  • It Is ALL About ME!  One's creative ability comes from the unique interaction between each person and their environment.


  • Your Creative Hardware.  How the brain helps and hinders the creative process.


  • Are You Sure?  How "mental baggage" (stress and assumptions) keeps us from seeing new possibilities.


  • Don't Ask So FEW Questions.  Making sure you are asking the right question can be more important than having the right answer.


  • Stop and Smell the Details.  Are you just looking at the world around you or REALLY seeing it?


  • If Only the World Were Made of LEGOs!  This analogy introduces students to the concept of lateral thinking.


  • Who Would Have Guessed?  The search for stimuli which trigger new ideas.


  • Not a ...!  Looking at the ordinary and seeing the extraordinary.


  • Practice! Practice! Practice!  How constant use of one's creative process becomes second nature.


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License Agreement


There are three options under the license agreement.  Licenses may be purchased for individual teachers, for use on a specific school campus (i.e., all teachers and classes taught at the facility) or an entire school district.  Under all three options, the license remains in effect for an unlimited period of time.


CLICK HERE to review the license agreement.


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What You Get


The licensed version of "In the Classroom" comes with a DVD containing a complete set of multimedia materials, a digital copy of the student workbook (which may be printed as often as needed) and supplemental resources.  Depending on the licensee, the package includes a hard copy(s) of the teacher's guide as follows.


     - One copy for an individual teacher licensee.

     - Five copies for a school campus licensee.

     - Twenty five copies for a school district licensee.


The following is a brief description of the materials.


A multimedia PowerPoint deck for each of the 10 sessions.  This sample slide includes a video clip of Phil Stanton, co-founder of the Blue Man Group, talking about finding a career around one's passion.






A digital copy of the student workbook, which includes space to complete individual exercises, reflection questions and room for notes.
















The Teacher's Guide which is laid out in "storyboard" format.  For each PowerPoint slide, the Teacher's Guide provides instructions on how to present and use the content plus suggested dialogue.


To download a PDF version of the introduction to the Teacher's Guide CLICK HERE.








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The three license options are priced as follows:


     - Individual Teacher License/$149.00

     - School Campus License/$499.00

     - School District License/$1,499.00


NOTE: All license fees include shipping and handling.  Individual teacher and school campus licenses may be upgraded.  When ordering an upgraded license, previously paid license fees are credited toward the purchase.  For example, an individual teacher license may be upgraded to a school campus license for $350.00.


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How to Order


To order a license, email the following information to


     Full Name

     Position (e.g. teacher, principal)


     School District

     Mailing Address



     Platform (PC/MAC)


Following receipt of this information, ImagineIt will email you a PayPal invoice which can be paid on-line with a PayPal account or a credit card.  If the purchaser wishes to pay by check or with a purchase order, please include that information in the email, above.


Upon receipt of payment, Imagine will ship the "In the Classroom" package within five working days.


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For More Information


If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us by email at



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