ImagineIt!: Rediscovering Your Creative Inner-Child


The ImagineIt Project™ is pleased to announce the release of its new eBook titled Imagine It!: Rediscovering Your Creative Inner-Child.  In addition to covering ImagineIt's philosophy and approach to exploiting one's innate creative potential, the eBook contains numerous exercises, assignments and references.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the book (including a free sample download).

"ImagineIt In the Workplace"


A two day bootcamp to build internal creative capacity within your organization focused on opportunity recognition and creative problem solving across all business functions.  CLICK HERE for more information.



"ImagineIt in the Classroom" Workshop


A two day workshop for teachers and school administrators.  Tools and techniques covered in the workshop are designed to promote engaged learning experiences based on individual students' passions and inspired self-learning.  CLICK HERE for more information.


"ImagineIt in the Classroom" Self-Directed, Licensed Version


This version of "In the Classroom" includes PowerPoint decks for each of the 10 course modules, the student workbook and a teacher's guide which includes detailed instructions for each slide and suggested classroom dialogue.  Licenses for authorized use are available for individual teachers, single school campuses and school districts.  CLICK HERE for more information.


"Imagination Unleashed™"


This version of "In the Classroom" is designed for non-traditional learning environments such as virtual classrooms or home schooling.  It also serves as a supplemental parent/child learning experience for students in more traditional school setttings.  "Imagination Unleashed™" includes PowerPoint decks for the 10 course modules, a student workbook and a coach's guide.  To learn more CLICK HERE.


"Imagination Creativity Challenge™"


The ImagineIt Project™ team works with schools and organizations (e.g. Junior Achievement) to design and conduct a fast-paced challenge in which student teams use creative tools and techniques to add value to ubiquitous products.  The challenge is preceded by a short course in which participants are introduced to several of the tools and techniques in the "In the Classroom" curriculum.  The ImagineIt Project™ team will also provide training for teachers and student mentors who serve as team coaches during the challenge. CLICK HERE for more information.


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