Junior Achievement Sao Paulo

and ImagineIt Conduct

Entrepreneurship Week

Creativity Challenge




What if you gave hundreds of students a common household object and challenged them to create as much value as possible?


In November 2012 Junior Achievement Sao Paulo, Brazil invited teenaged students from Sao Paulo to participate in a creativity challenge. The challenge? Add value to plastic bottles in just six days!


As part of Entrepreneurship Week Brazil, Junior Achievement São Paulo organized the students into 30 teams and provided mentors. The ImagineIt Project™ provided coaching on unleashing creative potential; and the students amazed everyone with what they accomplished.


The students re-imagined, reused and recreated thousands of empty plastic soda bottles into valuable products and services including solar panels, musical instruments, a doghouse and lava lamps among dozens of creative re-inventions.


Junior Achievement Sao Paulo staff orchestrated the Imagination Creativity Challenge™. The JA staff included Paola Liguori, Marcos Martins, Ricardo Zerbinatti, Rita de Cássia, Daniella de Jesus and César Rodrigues. The JA team contacted all the schools, worked with the teenage students and built an online community on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Desafio-Imagine-It/322927047806538.


The ImagineIt Project™’s Dr. Jay Kayne and Richard Tavener customized an online mentor-training program then worked with JA’s Paola Liguori to give JA mentors the tools they need to help the students unleash their imagination and creativity.


The schools in Sao Paulo involved with the Imagination Creativity Challenge™ were:


  • Instituto Dom Bosco
  • ETEC Prof. Camargo Aranha
  • ETEC Prof. Basilides de Godoy
  • CEAP Pedreira


JA Sao Paulo coordinated the judging process and selected the following judges for the challenge:


  • Wagner Marcelo, Socio owner of Intellecta - Center for Advanced Studies, E-lemento and Codeflex.
  • Dario Vedana, founder of Innovate More, consultancy Strategic Marketing and Director of Marketing & Communication at an institution of higher education.
  • Marcos Martins, Regional Manager of Junior Achievement São Paulo
  • Guilherme Reischl: Derector Egali Exchange, the third largest exchange company in Brazil. Guilherme was a student of the Junior Achievement Program Mini-company.
  • Richard Tavener, co-founder of the ImagineIt Project™.


After six days of intense creative competition, each student-team completed a 3-minute video to illustrate the value they added to the ubiquitous plastic soda bottles. The finalists include:


Grupo "Garça em chamas"



Grupo "Phoenix"



Grupo "Chronus"



Grupo "Mistery Guitars Boys"



Grupo "Kawaiis"



Grupo "The Big Imagination"



All finalists’ teams were from ETEC Prof. Basilides de Godoy, with inspiration and guidance from the challenge coordinator Thiago Carvalho.


And the winner is…Team Kawaiis. Team Kawaiis was voted by the judges to have added the most value and illustrated their creativity in their video.


Team Kawaiis received a check for $2,000 from Junior Achievement Sao Paulo. In addition to the cash prize the winning students will participate in a special program to “job shadow” these successful entrepreneurs:


  • Diego Martins – Acesso Digital
  • Pedro Chiamulera – Clear Sale
  • Guilherme Reischl – Egali Intercâmbio
  • Marcelo Nonohay – Pastifício Primo


Several organizations supported the Imagination Creativity Challenge™ including the Endeavor Foundation. Endeavor served as a liaison to Global Entrepreneurship Week and provided this link on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=523644177660003set=a.273433166014440.75537.124343434256748&type=1&theater


Also, PUC-Sao Paulo provided the auditorium for the awards event.


Prêmio Startups Universitárias contributed additional prizes as did Ereca, a Non profit organization that works with startups. The awards event was held in conjunction with the College Startups Awards, and was organized by Eureka!




2015 (c) The ImagineIt Project™