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Imagine it!

The 59 year-old president of a major corporation spots an empty cardboard carton in which a new copier was just delivered. He climbs inside, closes his eyes and begins a cross-country journey in a car that runs on air. Within a decade the company launches a state-of-the-art automobile which self-generates hydraulic pressure which, in turn, powers the transmission.

Imagine it!

A chemistry professor at a major research university asks herself, “Can water grow?” Fifteen years later she receives the Nobel Prize in chemistry for her theory of aquatic replication which ensures every inhabitant on earth can have affordable, potable water.

So what differentiates those who constantly come up with great new ideas from those who are mired in business as usual?  Visionaries generally have one thing in common.  They remain children at heart.  They still believe anything is possible.  They see the world not as it is but what it can become.  And they question everything and refuse to accept "because" as an answer.  They have not let ADULTIFICATION™ rob them of their innate creative potential.


Fortunately, ADULTIFICATION™ is neither fatal nor irreversible.  Once free of this debilitating disease, employees in every facet of your business--management, R&D, production, marketing, customer service, finance and administration--will start to see new opportunities for growth and develop creative responses to the challenges you and your team face on a daily basis.

Curious about the extent to which you have succumbed to ADULTIFICATION™Take the ImagineIt Today™ Adultification™ Assessment.


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