"As an art student, I felt a little awkward and out of place during my first few weeks in the Farmer School of Business taking my first entrepreneurship class.  But during the second week of class, my professor, Dr. Joseph Kayne, asked me to stay after class. He told me that my creative mind was unique and incredibly useful in business and entrepreneurship. It was his affirming words and continued encouragement that helped me realize the value of the arts.


"Now, as a teacher, I strive to instill these same ideals in my students. I teach art in order to teach creativity, ingenuity, problem-solving skills, and the ability to push past what's already been done and discover the new and great.  Because of Dr. Kayne’s words, I realized the opportunity I have to use the arts to add value to my students' education, and future careers and ambitions."


Leslie Weiant, Miami University, Class of 2011




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In January 2010, ImagineIt! partnered with Intel and the Arizona Science and Technology Foundation to better understand how our content could be used in the classroom to inspire young learners.  A high school engineering teacher offered to have his students produce a video called “Why Algebra?” incorporating some of our video content.  The students interviewed recent graduates of the high school, asking them how they now use algebra in their work and hobbies.  As we watched the video something looked all too familiar.  These were people telling us about their interests, not ours.


Now shift to the US Science and Technology Expo in October 2010 in Washington, DC.  ImagineIt! was invited to present its media content to an audience of students, parents and educators at the Baird Auditorium in the Smithsonian Natural Science Museum.  After the screening, ImagineIt! CEO Joseph Kayne conducted an interactive session with the attendees.  He asked the students in the audience.  “How many of you would like to have been the first person to set foot on the moon?”  Every young hand went up.  He continued, “I’m sorry but that job is taken.  But how many of you would like to be the person who throws the switch on the first nuclear fusion reactor providing the world with an unlimited, safe and affordable source of energy?”  Again, every hand went up.  “Well you’re in luck. No one has done that yet.  What do you think you need to do be become that person?”  Responses ranged from the generic “work hard in school” to the more specific “learn everything I can about energy.”


It is not about why OTHER people want to learn about science, business or the arts.  It is about why WE want to learn.  What is important to US?  What are OUR dreams and goals?  In his book The Element, Sir Ken Robinson defines “the element” as the intersection between our passions and our abilities.  And when we are in our element, we are motivated and happy.  (To see an excerpt of the ImagineIt! interview with Sir Ken Robinson CLICK HERE.)


This “aha” moment led us to a new understanding of how ImagineIt could better serve the education community and the development of our current offering in this market.  First, we had to create ways educators could help their students identify their individual passions.  Second, we had to provide grade appropriate content through which students would creatively explore those passions within the context of required teaching standards.  In some sense we think of ImagineIt as the BASF of education.  We do not teach or write curriculum, we make the art of teaching and the existing curriculum better.


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The following is a brief description of ImagineIt’s education package.  For more information, please contact us at info@imagineitproject.com or by phone at 904-572-4533.


The ImagineIt In The Classroom package consists of two elements.


Professional Development for Teachers

"ImagineIt!" Day" (optional)


Professional Development for Teachers


The goal of the ImagineIt education offering is to build in-house capacity to help teachers identify and execute new and innovative opportunities for engaged student learning.


The “In the Classroom” workshop consists of 15 hours of instruction during which teachers get an opportunity to experience ImagineIt from the students’ perspective and explore ways of integrating creative heuristics and techniques within each teacher’s individual subject specialties and teaching style.


The workshop covers the following eight modules.  For each module, the pedagogy consists of three elements: exposure to module content, an opportunity to practice the content through individual and/or group exercises and finally reflection on application of the module content.  During the reflective debrief, participants will discuss both their experience and potential opportunities to use the content/exercises in their respective course settings.


  • It IS All About Me!: Understanding You and Your Passions.  Creativity results from collisions between unique individuals and their environment.  These collisions are most fruitful when individuals are confident in who they are and what is important to them.


  • Are You Sure?  How do judgment and assumptions inhibit curiosity and exploration of new ideas?


  • Stop and Smell the Details!  In this module, students increase their powers of observation and consider the relevance of their observations to an issue or opportunity on which they are working.


  • Stop Asking So FEW Questions!  When it comes to creativity, it is often more important to ask the right question than to know the right answer.  The art of questioning will be used to challenge assumptions and to open doors to new possibilities.


  • What if…?  This module focuses on looking at the world from multiple perspectives.


  • If Only the World Were Made of LEGOs! Introduces students to the concept of lateral thinking in a way they can understand.  Exercises revolve around breaking down familiar objects or situations into their smallest parts and reassembling those pieces to create something new and different.


  • NOT a …!  An exercise to help students understand there is more than one right answer to every question.  Using a common everyday object (e.g., a paper plate) students are asked to consider how many other things that object might become (e.g., Frisbee, steering wheel).


  • Who Would Have Guessed?  This module explains the power of analogies and how totally unrelated observations can trigger a new approach or suggested ways to address an issue the student may be addressing.


A central principle of the workshop is counter-intuitive thinking.  In each module, the trainer will challenge participants to view their environment from new perspectives and challenge the status quo with the desired outcome of helping teachers identify more and better opportunities to engage their students.


ImagineIt has identified the following options for delivering the 15 hours of course content.  The time-frames are examples to match the school day in a generic school districts.  Times may be adjusted consistent with the client school or district's regular work day.


“ImagineIt! Day”


This optional event, at the end of the school term, gives students a chance to use everything they have learned about creativity.  Students will be asked to identify a personal goal.  It might be a career or solving one of society’s grand challenges.  On “ImagineIt! Day” students will share their goal and present a creative plan for achieving these goals.  The plan will include:


  • What questions do I need to ask to really understand this goal?
  • What assumptions/judgments have I made about my achieving this goal?
  • What do I need to observe?
  • What unrelated topics might help me better understand how to achieve this goal?
  • And finally, how many possible ways could I approach this goal?


“ImagineIt! Day” will also include an engaging creativity challenge.


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The cost of the ImagineIt education package is dependent on the number of schools, grades, teachers and students to be included in the program.  Upon request, ImagineIt will prepare a detailed cost proposal for your school or school district.  Contact us at info@imagineitproject.com and provide a contact person with whom we can discuss the parameters associated with program delivery.


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Financial Support


At ImagineIt, we understand financial resources for education are limited more than ever before.  To help cover the costs of bringing ImagineIt to your school district or a specific campus, the ImagineIt team will work with administrators to approach potential sponsors (e.g., a business, the Chamber of Commerce or a local foundation) to raise the necessary funding.


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